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CHiX RoX Your Weekends!
CHiX 105.5 will warm up your week when everyone's favorite nightmare gives you a double-dose every weeknight! Nights With Alice Cooper kicks off your evenings from 7pm - Midnight, Monday through Friday, and he'll hit you again by repeating his show from Midnight to 5am!
On the weekends, all radios are locked in to hear DEE SNYDER, of TWISTED SISTER and his HOUSE OF HAIR every Saturday at 10pm! Somewhere between the origins of rock and today's pop, rock bands ruled. They had great songs, gold records, millions of fans, tight clothes, and hair… lots of hair. Dee Snider brings you two hours each week of killer tunes that will let you brush up on some of your favorite music of all time.
So, just rip the knob off your radio at 105.5FM CHX ROCKS -- CHiX 105!

Here's the rundown of our Weekend Schedule:

Weekends Rock on WCHX!

7-12 Mid. -- Nights With Alice Cooper
12 Mid.-5am -- Nights With Alice Cooper [RE-FEED]
10PM-12(MID) -- House of Hair (HOST: Dee Snyder)
8PM-10PM -- Racing Rocks (HOST: Riki Rachtman)
9am-12pm -- Acoustic Storm (HOST: Audrey Parets)
10pm-12am -- Out of Order (Alt Rock Countdown) (HOST: Ted Stryker)

Spend The Nights With Alice Cooper
Click here to read about your favorite NIGHTMARE!CHiX 105.5 has your favorite nightmare 5 nights a week! CHiX rox your nights with Nights With Alice Cooper as he broadcasts from his underground bunker...a toxic studio never seen by the light of day! It's ALL NIGHT LONG on CHiX 105 from 7pm to until 5am every Monday through Friday! Call Alice toll-free at 888-99-ALICE to request your favorite rock tune, or email him at alice@nightswithalicecooper.com. Who knows? He might even play it on the air! Visit Nights With Alice Cooper online by clicking Alice's photo, then tune in to spend the Nights With Alice Cooperfrom the station rocking the valleys! CHX 105.5

CHiX 105 unveils Acoustic Storm, the nationally syndicated radio program, featuring the best variety of acoustic-based rock this Sunday. Emphasizing on acoustic guitar-driven songs, Jeff Parets presents the full spectrum of acoustic rock, including rarely heard "unplugged" versions of classic tunes in their purest form. Each week, the show spotlights an artist in "The Eye of The Acoustic Storm" with music, bio information and sound bites. You'll hear Hall of Fame Acoustic Rock, Unplugged Classics, Acoustic Oldies, Acoustic Blues, and Acoustic Instrumentals.

Jeff, grew up in the New York suburb of Tenafly, New Jersey so, naturally, the rich radio landscape of the Big Apple was a big influence. Jeff graduated from absorbing the Top 40 of WABC and Cousin Brucie to delving deeper into the progressive rock of WNEW-FM with Allyson Steele and Rosko.
The concept for the show started in 1981 when Jeff approached the owners at KSTM/Phoenix, AZ about trying a weekend progressive rock program, to attract new listeners and sponsors. So at midnight on June 7, 1981 Phoenix-area listeners were able to hear the song "Wing and a Prayer" by the British group Camel and progressive radio was back in the Phoenix area. Jeff created the concept for The Acoustic Storm in the late 90's, using the original Storm as a blueprint: a radio program that plays the finest acoustic-rock. In October 1998, The Acoustic Storm swept into the Phoenix area on KSLX. In November 2003, The Acoustic Storm rolled into St. Louis on KIHT and continues to expand across the country with the best variety of acoustic rock. Sadly in 2018 Jeff lost his battle with cancer, his wife Audrey Parets is an experienced on air host and voice-over artist who has been working closely with her husband, Jeff, on the weekly broadcasts for many years and took over the show after Jeff's passing. The Acoustic Storm is raging now all over Central PA every Sunday morning from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm. on WCHX CHX ROCKS! ....CHiX 105.5!


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