11 - 04 - 2013 Former Midd-West Superintent insists he did nothing illegal
[DI] - The recently-resigned former Superintendent of the Midd-West School District, Dr. Wesley Knapp, emphatically denied any criminality that was involved in allegations raised by the school board & ultimately led to his abrupt resignation last Monday. He declined to say more about the circumstances that prompted him to voluntarily resign the $118,400 position he’d held since December 2008 and was contracted to stay in until 2016, but said he would comment later. Knapp did say Saturday evening in a phone call to The Daily Item that “There is nothing illegal about what I’ve done, or not done...Absolutely, positively not.” In the separation agreement released by the district on Friday, it stated that Knapp agreed to the agreement’s demand that he not step foot on any Midd-West property without first contacting school board president Victor Abate.