11 - 27 - 2013 Corman excited about passage of transportation bill
[CDT] - State Sen. Jake Corman looks at the $2.3 billion transportation bill as an investment, which likely will provide funding to major Centre Co. transportation projects which includes US 322. The bill increases the gas tax that will likely be passed on to consumers at the pump. He added that he thinks the tax is a good solution because it is a user tax, and the people who do the most wear and tear damage to the roads will be charged the most. He told the CDT that, “If you drive a lot, you’re going to pay a lot, and if you don’t drive a lot, you’re not going to pay a lot”. The senator said he expects that the Potters Mills interchange on US 322 likely will receive preferential treatment because it is high on the priority list of the secretary of transportation and the governor. He said he could see that project getting off the ground in the next year. But with studies and plans required for the remaining portions of 322, he said he thinks the remainder of the project could take a bit longer to get started.