12 - 11 - 2013 Snyder Co. Commissioners adopt 2014 budget with $1M shortfall
[DI] - Vowing to trim a nearly $1 million budget shortfall, the Snyder County commissioners unanimously adopted a tentative $17.33 million spending plan for 2014. Board Chairman Joe Kantz said it was "the largest gap we’ve had since I’ve been here. We have a lot of work to do." Though the county is on track to have $1 million to carry over into the new year, the commissioners said the financial projection isn’t certain and any unspent funds will be needed to fund services that must await state reimbursements. Otherwise, the board said, the county must take out a loan to cover the costs. Kantz and Commissioners Malcolm Derk and Peggy Chamberlain Roup said they will be working with department leaders to pare spending before approving a final budget on Dec. 31.