01 - 16 - 2014 Despite deficit, Mifflinburg Schools would not raise taxes
[DI] - The Mifflinburg school board followed tradition last night, voting unanimously, in lieu of a preliminary budget, to adopt a resolution not to raise taxes above its allowed index of 2.8 percent. Superintendent Dan Lichtel said that the 2014-15 budget stands at $27.7 million. The resolution means the school board will not seek exemptions from the state to raise taxes above that index mark, and this has been the typical course of action for the board saying, “At this stage in the game, this budget assumes no increase in state subsidies and no tax increases”. The school district’s deficit stands at $1.3 million, a figure it’s faced in past years and has managed to whittle down by the time the board most adopt a final budget June 30. Mifflinburg has approved deficit budgets for several years.