01 - 20 - 2014 Mifflin Co. CYS cited by DPW for procedural issues
[LS] - The Mifflin Co. CYS was issued citations regarding several procedural issues by the state DPW following an investigation stemming from complaints made to state Rep. Kerry Benninghoff. The complaints, which Benninghoff said were of such volume coming in over a 6-month period, led him believe that, "this can't be a couple of disgruntled parents." The DPW cited the county CYS with several procedural issues but the state agency could not find any verified cases of misconduct that some of the affected families had claimed. Mifflin Co. Commissioner, Kevin Kodish told the Lewistown Sentinel that, "DPW has pledged to assist Mifflin County CYS by performing program evaluations, conducting site visits, and participating in the development and implementation of an action plan that will create an improved CYS department." A "Plan of Correction" was drafted on Jan. 6 & approved by DPW.