01 - 21 - 2014 Matt Sandusky comes clean in documentary on Happy Valley
[CDT] - In an exclusive interview with the Centre Daily Times, Matt Sandusky said he was very thankful to the young men who testified at his adoptive father’s 2012 trial. Without their courage, he would not have had the strength to go to prosecutors and disclose for the first time that his adoptive father abused him. Now, Sandusky has taken another step forward a little more than a year later. He shared his story in “Happy Valley,” the documentary premiering Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival. He said his participation in the film was the first step for him to come out of the shadow of the scandal and advocate for survivors — including himself. In a statement to the CDT, Sandusky admitted that, “My role in the film was to share the perspective of a survivor, to give survivors a voice.”