01 - 24 - 2014 Frigid temperatures burst pipes at Mt. Nittany Inn
[CDT] - The frigid temperatures in Centre Co. have resulted in frozen pipes, causing damage to Mount Nittany Inn in Centre Hall. A pipe from a sprinkler system ruptured early yesterday morning causing some flooding and damage to a dining room and the basement restaurant, according to their General Manager Rebecca Larsen. The problem occurred at about 5am, and neighbors called the fire company because the mixture of water and cold caused steam that looked like smoke. The water soaked one dining room on the east side of the building, but the business has four other seating areas that were not affected, allowing it to remain open Thursday. Larsen told the CDT that “It’s a mess, but it’s not that bad,” adding that the main work that needs to be done is replacing carpet and ceiling tiles in the flooded area.