01 - 29 - 2014 Development efforts continue for Brown & Dorcas St. property
[LS] - Efforts to continue development of areas within Lewistown Borough that are referred to as "brown field" sites are being pursued by the Mifflin County Industrial Development Corp. MCIDC President, Rob Postal, has been moving toward a partnership between the MCIDC, Lewistown Borough Council, the county, Mifflin County Planning Commission and SEDA-Council of Governments in developing the second portion of the site at the corner of Brown and Dorcas streets. In order to do this, Postal said the MCIDC would need a waiver from the borough council since the site is a strange shape and doesn't adhere to a borough ordinance. Once financing is secured, hopefully by April, construction of some 34 apartments could begin sometime by this fall.