01 - 30 - 2014 Sex trafficing victims will soon have a home in Juniata Co.
[LS] - At an undisclosed location somewhere in Juniata Co., there will be hope for victims of sex trafficers thanks to a missionary with Compassion First. Kristen Kreider of Middleburg graduated from Midd-West High School a couple of years ago & felt what she said was "called by God" to serve in Indonesia after sponsoring a child there through Compassion International. This led to her meeting 2 Americans there who were with a group known as Compassion First, that was reaching out to sex trafficing victims. She will now bring that calling home as a house mother/mentor for a new restoration home for sex trafficking victims here in the Juniata Valley. Saturday, at the Richfield Mennonite Church, there will be a meeting about the restoration home possibilities that will be held at 10am.