02 - 10 - 2014 Lewistown Police nab 3 shoplifting suspects at Giant Store
Lewistown Borough Police investigated several shoplifting complaints that have resulted in the arrest of 22-y/o Alan Good of Lewistown. Police said that He is accused of taking items from the Dorcas St. Giant supermarket store, valued at $130 on Jan. 17. Good had been previously convicted of retail theft & was incarcerated in the MCCF. Police also arrested 36-y/o Cecill Swartz III of Lewistown after they discovered he had been seen hiding magic markers & air fresheners inside his pants earlier this month. During their search, police also arrested 28-y/o Neftaly Santiago-Gonzalez of Granville Twp. who was found to have shoplifted items under his clothing that he had removed from the Giant Store. He was charged & released pending further court action.