02 - 18 - 2014 PA Lt. Gov. Cawley featured at Juniata Co. Republican dinner
[LS] - PA's Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley was the keynote speaker as last night's annual Presidents Day dinner that was hosted by the Juniata County Republican Committee. About 100 or so gathered at Walker Grange to hear Cawley & other candidates for state offices speak about what residents can do to help campaigns. The main topic the lawmakers addressed were petitions. Cawley told the crowd that. "These petitions are what gets us, as representatives, on the ballot." For any candidate to get their name on the ballot, they are required to turn in petitions. State Sen. Jake Corman was also at the dinner and included the importance of education saying, "In office, I create an environment to raise our children in." Corman added, "I think not only about my kids, but other kids throughout central Pennsylvania."