02 - 26 - 2014 Bellefonte bank teller charged with stealing money from M&T Bank
[CDT] - Police have arrested a Bellefonte woman with stealing $30,000 from M&T Bank. Yesterday, 49-y/o Dorothea Ann Bird was arraigned on one count of theft by unlawful taking, one count of receiving stolen property and five counts of computer trespass, all felonies. M&T initiated the investigation after a surprise audit last Oct. which showed a $30,000 discrepancy in the funds that Bird, the lead teller at the State College S. Allen St. branch, controlled. When questioned by State College police Bird denied taking any money, insisting it was an ATM problem and that she would be able to track it down, police said. In his affidavit of probable cause, Detective Ralph Ralston said “Theft is the only explanation.”