03 - 11 - 2014 Noise complaints about local pub discussed at council meeting
[LS] - Last night, the owner of the 717 Club N Pub was making some noise at the Lewistown Borough Council meeting over the noise ordinance complaints that have been filed against the establishment. Mel Smith, threatening legal action, addressed the council about what she said were "facts of what Council Member Larry Searer and certain borough police officers" have put her family & business through since she opened the business 2 years ago. She said it was her opinion that Searer does not want the business there. Lewistown Police Chief William Herkert replied that numerous complaints had been reported and that he thought "the officers have done their jobs and have cited when they felt the situation warranted it, and other times did not." Smith feels there is a "double standard" being used with Searer trying to use his influence to drive out the business.