03 - 11 - 2014 Midd-West student yells death threats to teacher
[DI] - A Midd-West High School student is facing criminal charges because school officials said he hurled death threats at a teacher in the school. Middleburg police said the incident began on Feb. 6 when a juvenile refused to heed the teacher's request to remove headphones. The student refused to listen and began yelling profanities and threatening to kill her. According to police, when the juvenile was sent to the office, another student, Tyler M. Sees, 18, of Mount Pleasant Mills, became agitated and verbally lashed out at the teacher in a hallway, saying, âIâm going to get you. Iâm going to kill you for what you did.â Charges of misdemeanor terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and summary harassment were filed against Sees.