03 - 19 - 2014 Milroy man arrested after assaulting man & woman Saturday
[LS] - Lewistown State Police have charged 58-y/o Richard Lee Blose of Milroy with simple assault and harassment after finding him assaulting a 60-y/o woman at her Armagh Twp. residence on Saturday. It allegedly began while Blose, the woman, & a 44-y/o man were at a bar drinking with all 3 going back to the woman's residence some time later, still drinking. That's when Blose then became upset with the male because he believed that something was going on between the woman and the other man. Meanwhile, the man had fallen asleep on the woman's couch. Blouse broke & bloodied the man's nose, & then assaulted the woman as she tried to intervene. Blouse punched her in the face, causing a possible broken nose.