03 - 19 - 2014 Judge says Sandusky victim 6 entitled to some of Freeh report
[CDT] - A federal judge ordered PSU to release some of the names of the people Louis Freeh interviewed for his report on the Jerry Sandusky scandal as well as some records the investigators used. The development occurred in the discovery phase of the civil lawsuit against PSU brought by "Victim 6" from the Sandusky case. The decision is noteworthy because the names of people and the work that went into the Freeh report have never been made public before. The court ordered Penn State must provide the names of anyone who talked to Freehâs team about Sandusky showering with minors in the time frame of January 1990 through May 1998. The order applies to Penn State detectives who investigated the campus shower incident in May 1998 involving Sandusky and Victim 6, who was then 11 years old.