03 - 20 - 2014 Lewistown woman arrested for firing handgun inside residence
Lewistown Borough Police have arrested 45-y/o Christine Royer, who was a guest in a home on South Wayne Street, for the theft of a firearm and recklessly endangering another person. Tuesday around 5pm, police reported receiving a call to repond when Royer allegedly fired a gun within the residence. No one was injured but the residents did find a hole in a second-floor bathroom wall. After talking with the home's residents & guests, they were told there was no knowledge of a gun having been fired also stated a handgun was missing from the home. After obtaining a search warrant & searching several residents' homes, a handgun was recovered & it was determined Royer had fired the weapon. She was arrested and incarcerated in the Mifflin County Correctional Facility to await further court action.