03 - 21 - 2014 Snyder Co. man pleads guilty to killing his grandmother
[DI] - Yesterday the Selisgrove man that was charged with criminal homicide pled guilty in the Snyder Co. Court of Common Pleas. Joshua M. Snook admitted that he killed his 71-y/o grandmother during a confrontation last year at her Beaver Twp. home. His wife, Jennifer, who accompanied her husband to the home that night, pleaded no contest to conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit burglary. Union-Snyder Judge Michael Hudock has not yet accepted either plea and sentencing for each defendant was deferred pending further judicial review of their cases. Joshua Snook's plea agreement calls for a state prison term of 20 - 60 years. His wife faces a state prison term of 5 - 15 years.