03 - 24 - 2014 Police seek info on suspect trying to lure small child
Lewistown Police asks for the public's help in tracking down a male subject who attempted to lure a 5-y/o boy into a vehicle. The incident happened Saturday afternoon as the child was riding a scooter along Chestnut St. The boy was with 2 other adults who were watching the child while walking some distance behind. The boy had stopped his scooter to wait for the adults when they told police that a white Pontiac G6 4-door vehicle pulled near the boy & the driver rolled down his driver's side window. The suspect motioned for the boy to come toward the vehicle & the 2 adults walking behind the child saw suspect talk to the child. When the adults ran toward the vehicle, it sped away. Police say the adults described the suspect as a 45 to 50-y/o male with short, white hair, & wearing prescription eyeglasses. Police ask that any information be phoned in at 248-6716.