03 - 28 - 2014 Devastating fire damages 18 row homes in Juniata Terrace
[LS, WHTM] - A massive inferno, that burned through at least 18 of 27 row houses, raged last night in an 8-alarm fire that apparently started at 322 Terrace Boulevard in Juniata Terrace. Firefighters from all over Mifflin & Juniata Counties, and beyond, battled the blaze into late last night, some returning to the scene this morning to battle recurring hot spots. By the time firefighters arrived at 7pm, 4 homes were on fire but the flames quickly spread. The attics of the row homes are all connected, and neighbors said the fire went from one home to the next. Phil Lucas, director of the Mifflin County Emergency Services, told the Lewistown Sentinel at least 2 firefighters suffered burn-related injuries. Victims of the fire are staying either with family or are being provided with arrangements through the American Red Cross. The biggest problem for firefighters was a dwindling water supply. There is no official word on what caused the fire, but investigators believe it may have been a cooking accident.