04 - 17 - 2014 Confusion abounds over Midd-West superintendent suspension
[DI] - Acting Midd-West Superintendent Daphne Snook is confused about what the school board is alleging she did that led to her suspension without pay, saying she hasnât received anything in writing. Snook told The Daily Item in an email on Wednesday that, âNothing I have been told by the board in any way makes me believe that I violated district policy or the lawâ. She added that, âAlthough to date I have received nothing in writing, I have shared all the information provided to me with multiple legal counsel and none has expressed any concern that I violated the law.â This comes after the Midd-West school board broke its silence Wednesday about the suspension of Snook, which the board said was not the result of her âbriefly monitoring board emails.â In a statement released Wednesday morning, the board members said âthey wanted to address the numerous rumors and the wealth of misinformation being circulated about Snookâs suspension.â