04 - 28 - 2014 Centre Hall classic car fetches classic price at auction
[CDT] - A Clearfield Co. man became the toast of the Centre Hall auction Friday, drawing cheers, applause and congratulatory handshakes for his winning bid of $280,000. George Cowfer, of Decatur Township, near Philipsburg, plinked down the loot for an exotic 1969 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 428 Cobra Jet, that had locals and the vintage car world buzzing, once it had found a new home. The Shelby is just one of the 1,534 made, with its monster 428-cubic-inch engine, and it was owned by Larry Brown, a steelworker and car enthusiast from Centre Hall who died from an illness last year without heirs. After only about 8,500 miles, Brown mysteriously stashed the Shelby in his garage for 40 years. It emerged for the estate auction pretty much in factory condition.