04 - 30 - 2014 Alleged Huntingdon County heroin dealers busted by state AG
[WJAC] - State Attorney General's agents, working with law enforcement officials from Huntingdon Co., haved arrested 35-y/o Luis Bernal and 33y/o Jacquita Kierman of Huntingdon on charges of dealing heroin. In a news release Tuesday, the state Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, said that investigating agents purchased heroin from the pair on Monday. Law enforcement authorities & the Huntingdon Co. Drug Task Force agents then stopped them for a traffic violation while they were trying to leave the Huntingdon area in a U-Haul van. After five search warrants were executed, authorities searched the couple's rental home & found "an elaborate heroin packaging station. Agents also found 3 grams of heroin, worth an estimated $1,500, a small amount of crack cocaine, more than $1,000 in cash, surveillance equipment, a notebook of records, a loaded shotgun, a loaded Aimpoint 9mm carbine and a loaded .357 Magnum revolver.